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Variable power converters,Battery Charger,Constant Current Manufacturers

Mansi Power Electronics is a leading firm engaged as manufacturer and supplier of industrial power converters, precision battery chargers and power supply. Our range of electronic and electric products are customized as per customer requirement. Since 1995, Mansi Power Electronics is a well managed organization engrossed in designing, developing and manufacturing of custom build Power electronic. With our wide experience, we have met the specifications and requirements of numerous private and public sector, Pharmaceuticals, Milittery, Medical , Engineering Institutes and telecommunication Industries.

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and highly trained electronic engineers to prepare the designs according to the usage and utility of the products so that they fulfill the customer's requirement.

Variable Power Supply

Variable Power Supply (VPS) is a device that supplies electric power to an electrical load. Variable DC Power Supply name implies, allows the user to vary or change the DC output voltage within the specified voltage ranges. The Regulated Variable DC Power Supply spits out a constant output voltage. Variable DC Power Supply is one that controls the output voltage or current to a specific value; Variable DC Power Supplies controlled value is held nearly constant despite variations in either load current or the voltage supplied by the power supply's energy source

Battery Chargers

Mansi power electronics has wide market share in a huge range of Battery Chargers. Batteries require battery charger to charge by providing electricity to the electrodes by reversing the chemical process within the battery, converting the applied electrical energy into chemical potential energy. We fabricate chargers that are widely required in the household, industrial, commercial and domestic purposes, which are suitable for all types and capacities.

Constant Current power supply

A constant current power supply that acts to maintain its output current constant in spite of changes in load, line, temperature, etc.In constant current power supply , a change in load resistance, the output current remains constant while the output voltage changes.constant current power supply used for battery charging, inductive load,motor drive, halogen lamp application. constant current power supply also used for solenoid valve application. A constant current power supply acts as a constant current source for small values of load resistance.

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Variable power converters,Battery Charger,Constant Current ManufacturersVARIABLE POWER

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of variable power supply units in Mumbai, India. We are equipped with trained electronic engineers who are able to deliver efficient and reliable variable power supply units.

Variable power converters,Battery Charger,Constant Current ManufacturersBATTERY

We manufacture and supply SMPS battery chargers for all types of batteries. These battery chargers give full power to the batteries thereby converting electrical energy into chemical potential energy.

Variable power converters,Battery Charger,Constant Current ManufacturersCONSTANT CURRENT

We are well known for manufacturing and supplying constant current power supply units with adjustable voltage and current as per requirement

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