CVCC selectable battery chargers

We are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of CVCC selectable battery chargers in Mumbai, India. Our CVCC selectable battery chargers deliver consistent performance and are supplied at a competitive market price. We also offer customized product as per client requirement. Most of the battery chargers available with us easily fit diverse requirement. These CVCC selectable battery chargers are extremely effective in the long run.

CVCC selectable battery charger measure battery health, (Voltage and current ) and CVCC selectable batter charger set itself to that point , & from that point takes battery to peak charge level, when battery will fully charge , CVCC selectable Battery charger is ON in stand by mode and provide trickle charge current to battery.No possibiality of battery over charged or damage as Internal microprocessor controller is inbuilt in CVCC selectable Battery charger,do not allow to exceed seted charger voltage & current our wide range of CVCC selectable battery chargers cover small battery to batter bank for any voltage & AH capacity.

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